Renee Bovelle, M.D.


Renee Bovelle, MD is owner and Medical Director of Advanced Eyecare Medical Center “dba” Envision Eye and Laser.  Dr. Bovelle, a board-certified ophthalmologist, was trained at Wellesley College, UCLA School of Medicine, Yale University and the LSU Eye Center. She is currently President of the Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons through 2021.  She holds leadership positions both locally and nationally in ophthalmic and other medical associations.  Additionally, Dr. Bovelle earned a Master’s in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management from GWU focusing on policies and practices that protect critical information with particular attention to the healthcare field. She is also a lead mentor to scholar Myra Wamah (Muhlenberg ’25) and a mentor to Kevine Shima (Muhlenberg ’23).​

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