Marta Julia Ixtuc Cuc

Guatemala Program Coordinator

Marta Julia Ixtuc Cuc is an indigenous woman of the Maya-Kaqchikel ethnic group from Guatemala. She is a part-time Program Coordinator for SHE-CAN, based in Guatemala, where she serves as a focal point in the country and coordinates the scholarship candidates. She has years of experience working on women’s empowerment programs including microfinance, education, and preventive health services. She has held different positions with The Friendship Bridge Organization in Guatemala from 2007 to present. Currently, she has the role of Communication and Public Relations Specialist. She is the liaison between Friendship Bridge Guatemala and the US office. Marta Julia is also in charge of developing long-term relationships with donors, investors, supporters, volunteers, stakeholders, and others for Friendship Bridge. She serves on the local Board of Directors of the MAIA association in Guatemala. This organization is the first female-indigenous-led secondary school in Central America that offers a holistic education, focused equally on academics, culture & identity, socio-emotional development, and family engagement. Marta Julia has a degree in Business Administration and, in 2019, she finished her MBA studies at a university in Guatemala. Among other talents, Marta Julia speaks a Mayan language, Spanish and English. She has a desire to learn another language.

SHE-CAN l Marta Julia Ixtuc Cuc, Guatemala Program Coordinator