Erika Wah

Community Building Manager

Erika joined SHE-CAN as our Community Building Manager in June 2022. For a decade before moving to the Bay Area from Vancouver, BC in 2011 – and since – Erika’s work was anchored in higher education, where she enjoyed a balance of hands-on and strategic roles connecting thousands of students to their careers and tapping industry to bring in fresh perspectives by hiring students and new-grads. She also draws on her education and professional background in communications leading some of our newer programs such as Power To Fly and Make A Change, and supporting SHE-CAN’s growing community hub of scholars and graduates, donors and volunteers, and universities and employers. Erika serves on the board (executive team) for the Digital Moose Lounge for Canadians in the Bay Area. She loves taking her dog Romy to the beach for swims and can be compulsive about cooking family dinners.

SHE-CAN | Erika Wah, Community Building Manager