Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Wuthikah Pun

SHE-CAN Scholar: Wuthikah Pun

Wuthikah Pun is seeking a Business and Finance, Environment, Non-Profit, Social Justice or Environmental Internship. For a copy of her resume, please email Program Director Madison Shepard (mshepard@shecan.global).

Wuthikah is a Lincoln Scholar at Centre College in Kentucky, which is a scholarship awarded to remarkable young people with the capacity and a strong desire to transform the world. Wuthikah desires to earn a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics and International Studies. Before moving to the United States, Wuthikah got an Associate degree in Banking and Finance from the National Bank of Cambodia’s Center for Banking Studies within the Secretariat General Division. She is concerned about women’s financial empowerment and aims to create long-term economic policies in Cambodia that enable answers to environmental, social, and gender challenges.

Wuthikah had the opportunity to conduct exploratory study on domestic sports for community and personal development in Knoxville, Tennessee with her professor during the summer of 2021. She also did a fellowship with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) on global health and attended a PPIA Public Service Weekend, both of which gave her a great deal of hope for her future as a change agent working toward her vision of a better Cambodia. Wuthikah is also participating in a study abroad program in Thailand and France, returning to Southeast Asia after more than a year and making her first journey to Europe.

Wuthikah has already begun to implement her enthusiasm for economic empowerment through her community initiative in Cambodia, One Hope for the Whole Family, before moving to the United States. Taking aim at the cycle of poverty in Siem Reap’s rural communities, she donated money to assist two widows in starting their own companies so that they could support their families and keep their children in school. She hopes that her future work will enable her to contribute to the creation of new policies that support attempts to steer Cambodia along a path of sustainable social and economic development. She intends to follow a life of labor and service to effect change in her country and hopes to serve as a role model for other young Cambodian women who all play a vital role in the development of their nation.

Highlights From Wuthikah’s Past Work Experience:

  • Student Research Assistant, Centre College
  • Intern, National Bank of Cambodia 

Dean’s List

GPA: 3.968

Languages Spoken: Khmer, English and French (beginner)

Wuthikah Pun SHE-CAN scholar Centre College

Academic Major

Economics & Finance and International Studies
Class of 2025

Mentor Team

Trish Chandiramani, Strategic Initiatives, Ironclad, Inc.
Mayah Curtis, Senior Principal, IQVIA
Ariel Gursky, Associate, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Christina Lang, Director of Strategic Marketing Operations, Twitch
Celia Peachey, Director of Business Development, Glu Mobile
Jenni Samuels, Senior Marketing Manager, Airbnb