Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Voleak Phan

SHE-CAN Scholar: Voleak Phan

Voleak Phan graduated from Beloit College with a double major and departmental honors in Sociology & Creative Writing. In 2023, Voleak was awarded White-Howells Prizes in Poetry and Prose for her creative writing. In the same year, she co-authored an environmental focused research article Environmental change and resource access in aquatic food systems: a Photovoice case study of Cambodian fisheries, published by Ecology & Society in December 2023.

At Beloit College, Voleak was a member of the International Students Club, the Japanese Club and Beloit Independent Theatre Experience (BITE). Voleak aspires to strengthen the education system in Cambodia. She hopes to see a future in Cambodia where no child is forced to sell goods on the street instead of learning in a classroom. 

​Before she joined SHE-CAN and came to the US, Voleak was one of the playwrights for the drama club at Jay Pritzker Academy. She was also in charge of recruiting and organizing for a tutoring club. Outside of school, Voleak did an internship with Friends International where she learned about marginalized children and responsible tourism. After graduating high school, she took on a role as an interpreter/translator and office assistant for 18 months with HALO Trust, a humanitarian organization. Voleak also started a We Read for Cambodia project, in which her team went to two different schools to promote and encourage reading among younger students. During her last two months before coming to the US, Voleak spent time working alongside Cornell University students to conduct research in fishing communities in order to encourage community health and biodiversity.

Voleak Phan

Academic Major

Class of 2023

Mentor Team

Robert Barea, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, KPMG US
Julie Campbell, Principal, Mercer
Lorna Friedman, Global Health Leader for Multinational Client Group, Mercer
Carly McCoy, M&A Transaction Services Consultant, Mercer
Wendy Wattenberg, Partner, Mercer
Sarah Yoon, Senior Finance Analyst, Amazon