Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Suda Bunkhammoon

SHE-CAN Scholar: Suda Bunkhammoon

Nathsuda “Suda” Bunkhammoon graduated from Northwestern University in 2022 with a major in Biological Science on the pre-med track. Suda is passionate about improving the quality of Cambodia’s health care. Growing up, Suda was struck by how the impoverished Cambodian people camped outside the local hospital in Phnom Penh, anxiously awaiting their loved one’s recovery. This made her aspire to become a doctor and want to build a hospital that provides free medical care to patients. Moving forward through her career, Suda wants to inspire more women to partake in medical studies, in order to promote equality between men and women in Cambodia’s health care system. 

Soda was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Her father is Thai and her mother is Cambodian.  During high school, Suda was selected to compete in the national ASEAN quiz competition and a youth debate competition, both of which were aired live on national television. At the debate competition, she led her team to victory. Suda was also a volunteer event organizer and planned various school events, including charity events and cultural exhibitions. She was the lead singer of a band, which performed at various school events.

Suda Bunkhammoon

Academic Major

Class of 2022

Mentor Team

Elaine Chien, MD, Consultant, Clinical Development, Mirum Pharmaceuticals
Roxann Filaseta
Bernard Kim, Sr. Finance Manager, Genentech
Deepa Mallik, Senior Director, Product Marketing, GoDaddy
Trina Mallik, Climate Change and Energy Policy Maker, The Nature Conservancy