Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Sreynoch “Jess” Van

SHE-CAN Scholar: Sreynoch “Jess” Van

Seeking a Media Production, Marketing, and Communications Internship

For a copy of Jess’ resume,  please email Erika Wah in Community Building (ewah@shecan.global).

Jess Van is a sophomore, majoring in Photography at the S.I Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University. She is also a photographer and videographer who currently holds positions at the campus library and Dynamic Sustainability Lab as a film lead and post-production editor. Jess volunteered for the Northern Short Course in Photojournalism workshop over spring break 2023, where she had the opportunity to network and expand her knowledge in the field of photojournalism. 

Jess grew up in Takhmao, a town located in the province of Kandal. Since high school, and before attending Syracuse, she already began her achievements. She studied in Scotland and Singapore as part of an exchange program while on scholarship for a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the National University of Management in Cambodia. Jess also volunteered in an international youth organization (AIESEC) leading an educational project, running events and workshops for around a year and a half. She has also assisted in video production for different majors and careers during COVID, as part of a Major and Career Fair Online series in 2020. 

Jess aspires to become a visual storyteller, who uses photos and multimedia to raise awareness about social issues and stories that need to be told.

Highlights From Jess’ Work Experience:

Photographer and Videographer, Syracuse University Libraries

Photographer, The Newshouse

Film Lead and Post-Production Editor, Dynamic Sustainability Lab at Syracuse University

Production Assistant, The Creator film

Program Intern, Anti-Archive

Dean’s List GPA: 3.625 Languages Spoken: English, Khmer, and Chinese


Academic Major

Class of 2026

Mentor Team

Jane Gutman
Molly Canales
Phyllis Lerner, Adjunct Professor, JHU SOE
Susan Shand, Owner, Shand Design
Suzanne Boone, Executive Director, NCLLA