Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Srey On Peuy

SHE-CAN Scholar: Srey On Peuy

Srey On Peuy is attending Claremont McKenna College. She grew up in a small village in Siem Reap. Her mother supports her family by waking up early every morning to sell vegetables at a local market and her father farms rice and raises cows as another source of income. Srey On graduated from Jay Pritzker Academy, which fully funded her education from kindergarten through high school. Throughout high school, Srey On constantly challenged herself intellectually and academically from enrolling in almost all of the AP classes offered at her school to actively participating in various extracurricular activities. She became a valuable member of the Student Council and the Model United Nations club at her school. Even during summer break, she received scholarships to participate in academic programs such as the Oxford Prep Experience in the United Kingdom and a science camp in Singapore.

Seeing the lack of employment and career choices in her community, Srey On thrives to expand science and research in Cambodia to offer more career choices for students beyond the traditional jobs in Cambodia. As part of her ambition, she led a community project focused on providing students in her rural community a different way of learning science through experiments and models. She hopes to expose future Cambodian students to the broad world of science as she sees it and help many strive beyond the barriers of poverty and lack of opportunities in their country. In college, she looks forward to growing into a responsible leader and skilled scientist ready to make lasting contributions to the world.


Academic Major

Molecular Biology & Data Science Sequence
Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Cheryl Ray
Stacy Johnson Robnett, Associate Director of Recruiting, McKinsey & Co.
Dianne Driessen
Tori Madsen
Maureen Broderick, Founder, WorldWideWomen