Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Sema Williams

SHE-CAN Scholar: Sema Williams

Seeking an International Development, Policy, Non-Profit, or Social Justice Internship 

For a copy of Sema’s resume, please email Erika Wah in Community Building (ewah@shecan.global).

Sema M. Williams is in her first year at Gettysburg College, with a dream to become an expert in international law. She’s a peer educator at Gettysburg College and the founder of a non-profit organization called Girls Breaking Barriers that teaches girls about leadership, entrepreneurship and sponsors less privileged high school kids’ education.

In high school Sema held leadership positions and founded multiple projects. She was captain of her school debate team, the first speaker of her school quizzing team, and founder of the Peace Club helping create a peaceful atmosphere between students, teachers and administration. She also founded a high-school journalism team and was invited to be an ambassador at the Model United Nations Liberia.

Sema also served as the Secretary General of the ZOA Peacebuilding Project, the Secretary General of the Margibi Students Union, was a mentee of NAYMOTE (National Young Women Council of Liberia), the Sunday school teacher of the children’s department in her church, the Executive Director of Moijama Educational Foundation, one of the founders of the SELOJU Fish Farming Club, a Speaker of Girls Speaks Out, and the Founder of Girls Breaking Barriers, formerly called Wise Girls Initiatives. 

She can see herself as one of the best international lawyers in the world, and will impact her country by working with other international organizations, NGOs, lawyers, and councils that are working together to put an end to marginalization, domestic violence, rape, attempted murder and murder, sexual- and gender-based violence, and more. She believes teamwork can bring about positive changes faster and easier.

Highlights From Sema’s Work Experience:

Peer Educator, Gettysburg College

Secretary General, Zambia Orphans of AIDS Peacebuilding Project (ZOA)

Founder, Girls Breaking Barriers: NGO 

Peer Educator, Youth Crime Watch of Liberia

Languages Spoken: English and Koloqua


Academic Major

International and Global Studies & Sociology
Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Lori Ellingboe, Senior Tax Director, VMware Inc.
Linda Brennan, Senior Finance Director, VMware Inc.
Jenny Ku Lawrence, Senior Director, VMware Inc.
Ashley Richardson, Director, VMware Inc.
Pamela Arquelada, VP, Corporate Controller, thredUP Inc.
Coleen Hurley, Senior Workplace Director, VMware Inc.