Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Sahas Sok

SHE-CAN Scholar: Sahas Sok

Sahas Sok graduated from the University of Portland with a major in Civil Engineering. Sahas studied abroad at Lund University in Sweden, where she took her favorite class, critical infrastructure resilience.When stepping foot on the Manhattan subway system, and riding public transportation in Portland and San Francisco, Sahas took a special interest in traffic and transportation engineering.  Now Sahas is pursuing a graduate education in Civil Engineering with a focus on Transportation at University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering. 

With her dual degrees, Sahas hopes to improve the efficiency, resiliency and sustainability in transportation and water resource management in Cambodia.

 While at University of Portland, Sahas was an undergraduate researcher for the Civil Engineering Department  where she worked on Water Supply and Wildfire Risk in Oregon. Before coming to the U.S., Sahas was a part of many projects to further develop Cambodia and started her own project called Yes Student Network (YSN) in 2019. YSN was created with the goal of igniting a passion for STEM in high school students living in more rural provinces of Cambodia. Her passion for getting more women into STEM led her to be a project support officer, content creator, ambassador leader, Robotic Program Officer and World Robotic Olympic Cambodia Judging Coordinator at STEM Education Organization for Cambodia where she continues to help not just women and girls but everyone participating in World Robotic Olympia.

SHE-CAN scholar Sahas Sok University of Portland

Academic Major

Civil Engineering
Class of 2023

Mentor Team

Jill Bornemann, Principal Recruiter, Capital Recruiting
Randi Kern, Senior Talent Partner, Executive Search, Adobe
Dolphy Lamarre, AEHS, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Carol McCrae, CPA, Managing Member, C.A. MCCRAE, CPA, LLC
Gina Milano, ESL Specialist, The Kew-Forest School