Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Rosmery Roxana Coroxón Xep

SHE-CAN Scholar: Rosmery Roxana Coroxón Xep

Rosmery Roxana Coroxón Xep will be attending Beloit College in the fall of 2023. She is from a small village in Solola, Guatemala and grew up in a family of five, her parents and her two siblings. Rosmery always remained dedicated to her studies, and while her parents both had to end their educational journey after elementary school, they taught her about the many opportunities an education can bring. Rosmery was fortunate enough to receive an excellent education at Atitlan Multicultural Academy due to a generous sponsor. She has always worked hard to make her parents proud, and to stand out in her class. Rosmery has participated in school in any activities she could. Some of them are planting vegetation around Lake Atitlan, picking up trash in her community, and participating in theater clubs and music. One of the projects she most loved working on was teaching English to children in her community. It was really difficult but she managed to make it work. 

Rosmery hopes to study Biology at Beloit College so that she can return to Guatemala to improve health knowledge and accessibility. In addition, she wants to show others that, despite many difficulties, everything is possible with effort.  Rosmery also dreams of being able to help the most vulnerable people in her community,  including low-income children. This has been on her mind from the moment she saw children begging for food and coats during the winter. She promised herself that she would work hard and one day come back to help make a change. 

Rosmery Roxana Coroxón Xep Beloit College SHE-CAN scholar

Academic Major

Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Ann-Marie Halsted
Ann Malenka, Director of Administration and Special Projects, Dartmouth College
Michelle Lafond, Founding Legal Counsel, Cocoon
Victoria Gonin, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, MIT
Meaghan Ramsden
Suzanne Kanter