Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Rhoda Zinnah

SHE-CAN Scholar: Rhoda Zinnah

Seeking a Public Health, Medical Research, and Biotechnology or International Development and Policy Internship 

For a copy of Rhoda’s resume, please email Erika Wah in Community Building (ewah@shecan.global).

Rhoda A. Zinnah is attending Loyola University Chicago. She was born in Montserrado, Liberia in a family of 18. She graduated from the Virginia Christian Academy as the 2nd dux of her class. Academically, Rhoda has been successful in all of her  doings. She started serving and being a leader from her elementary days. Rhoda is the founder of the Better Females For Liberia organization which was founded to help promote females rights and education. Rhoda is currently serving as a volunteer for the Voice of the Voiceless and the Koinonia Global network. Rhoda has volunteered for many organizations and community service. She served as a Nurse aid and physician assistant at a community clinic for two years. Rhoda also volunteered at the YMCA in Liberia. Driven by her dreams, Rhoda undertook a project and built hand washing stations at a public school with over a thousand students and staff outside the city and also provided a safe drinking water platform for the students.

Rhoda briefly attended The Seventh Day Adventists University but had to eventually drop out. Despite this, she never gave up and she kept working towards her dreams by volunteering and helping others. Rhoda wants to serve her country and the world at large. Her passion revolves around good health; Rhoda believes that everyone should live in a healthy and safe environment. Her main focus is to help women and children. She wants to be a motivation to the upcoming generation. She believes that Liberia is in need of not just people with passion, but women who have passion for what they do.


Academic Major

Public Health
Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Kathryn Johnson, Retired CEO, Health Forum
Nichole Walker, Senior Wealth Strategist, SVP, City National Bank
Ellen Snee, Executive Coach, Catalyst Consulting
Kathleen Burke
Bobbie Chapman, Director of Private Philanthropy, Buck Institute