Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Phalkun Out

SHE-CAN Scholar: Phalkun Out

Phalkun Out is a Lafayette College graduate, where she earned her degree in Engineering Studies with a minor in Math. Throughout her studies, she focused on exploring the intersection of public policy, engineering, and computer science.

Currently, Phalkun is serving as the Engagement Program Manager at EnergyLab Cambodia. In this role, she actively contributes to the growth and development of Clean Energy markets in the region.

Prior to her position at EnergyLab Cambodia, Phalkun gained valuable experience as an intern at WorldBridge, where she played a role in developing ICT (information and communication technology) solutions for their business development, IT, HR and customer service departments. During the 2018 winter break, she had the opportunity to shadow professionals at Turner Construction Company in Boston. Recognized for her expertise and insights, Phalkun was also invited to speak at the Summit Foundation of Cambodia, where she shared her thoughts on the future of youth involvement in education. In 2016, Phalkun taught for Global Peace Youth Cambodia.

Phalkun’s journey began in Siem Recap, Cambodia, in a family of four, where she is the eldest child. Her father works as a farmer while her mother is a housewife. She scored in the Top 10 on the National Exam, out of 11,000 students. This opened the door for Phalkun to meet the prime minister and achieve semi-celebrity status in Cambodia.

Phalkun’s overall dedication to education and her commitment to the clean energy sector make her an inspiring individual and a valuable asset in her field.


Academic Major

Engineering; Minor in Math
Class of 2020

Mentor Team