Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Nita Touch

SHE-CAN Scholar: Nita Touch

Seeking a Public Health, Medical Research, and Biotechnology or Environmental Internship.

For a copy of Nita’s resume, please email Erika Wah in Community Building (ewah@shecan.global).

Nita Touch is a First Year student at the University of Minnesota with a major in Biology, Society & Environment. Prior, she attended the Royal University of Phnom Penh for 18 months, majoring in Biological Engineering, earning a GPA of 3.94 (First Year) and 3.70 (Second Year). 

Nita grew up in Phnom Penh City. In high school, she lived with her younger sister and her mother, who worked at a thrift store to provide financial support for them. Despite the multiple hardships they encountered living in poverty, Nita always ranked in the top three in her class and was a class monitor through high school and university. Merit scholarships allowed her to attend high school at a low cost. As Nita excelled in her studies, she took every opportunity to help her peers. In high school, she created a Science Study Club, successfully tutoring students to improve their scores in math, physics, and chemistry, and helping them prepare for the National Exam. 

Nita’s Take The Lead project (SHE-CAN note: “Take The Lead” is a community service project every SHE-CAN scholar completes before coming to the U.S. for college), the Better Education project, improved access to education for underserved rural children in Prey Veng province. She raised funds for and created a library for Beoung Krateb Primary School, providing 350 children bilingual English/Khmer story books along with study and hygiene supplies for 250 students. In June 2022, Nita was a speaker at an event – Ponlue (“Light”) – providing guidance on obtaining scholarships and preparing for university. In August 2022, Nita also volunteered in the online study club Rean Buddies, as a biology tutor to low-income high school students from many Cambodian provinces.

Nita’s interest in environmental problems. In late 2022, she volunteered for the Climate Heroes Project which focused on sharing environmental education to high school students in Kampot province. From September 2022 to August 2023, Nita worked at Animal Rescue Cambodia, a non-profit that works tirelessly to end suffering and ensure sustainable welfare for dogs and cats in Cambodia. She was responsible for operations including customer service, animal welfare, financial processes, and also helped as liaison between the organization and government ministries.

Through many of her volunteer experiences in diverse populations of Cambodia, Nita observed how young people in Cambodia lack proper health care support and educational opportunities in science and environmental education. With a degree from the U.S., Nita will return home to Cambodia and dedicate herself to improving health equity, addressing environmental problems, and educating the importance of science and research. Nita hopes to inspire Cambodian women to seize opportunities and reach their dreams.

Highlights From Nita’s Work Experience:

Founder and Director, Better Education project in Cambodia

Admin and Receptionist, Animal Rescue Cambodia

Biology Tutor, Rean Buddies project 

Volunteer, Climate Heroes

Languages Spoken: English and Khmer


Academic Major

Biology, Society and Environment
Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Colleen Carter, CMO, Fingerpaint Group
Roshawn Blunt, Managing Consultant, 1798, LLC
Sun Lee, Legal, Fingerpaint Group
Consuelo Beck-Sague
Faye Mellos, Senior VP, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley