Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Rosa Manich Sreng

SHE-CAN Scholar: Rosa Manich Sreng

Rosa Manich Sreng is an incoming First Year student at Whitman College. Manich was brought up in the vibrant city of Phnom Penh. There, she grew up in a tight-knit family of four, taking on the role of the eldest daughter with a younger brother as her constant companion. Her parents, who are hardworking small business owners, instilled in her a strong work ethic from a very young age. Moreover, education illuminated Manich’s path, at the USA International School Phnom Penh, she consistently secured the top position in her class, amassing academic awards, scholarships, and certificates of recognition. Before embarking on her journey as a SHE CAN Scholar, Manich was a freshman at the Royal University of Law and Economics, where her passion for law ignited. Her unwavering commitment to education fueled her advocacy endeavors, transcending the classroom. Furthermore, Manich champions causes dear to her heart—seeking justice, equality, and empowerment. Whether through legal avenuesor community initiatives, she strives to effect positive change.

Manich currently serves as an Intern at the Cabinet of H.E. Prof. Dr. Sok Siphana, Senior Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia in Charge of Special Missions, and Chairman of the Trade Policy Advisory Board at the Office of the Council of Ministers. Simultaneously, she holds the position of Director of the Council of Inspection at the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network-Cambodia. Showcasing her multifaceted skill set in relationship management and communication, her expertise encompasses cultivating positive stakeholder relationships, managing organizational communication effectively, overseeing recruitment and onboarding processes, and ensuring a cohesive team environment. Moreover, Manich actively contributes to event planning and coordination. In her role as a Community Project Advisor at Paññāsāstra University, she provides coaching sessions for project managers, imparting best practices in project management. Additionally, she spearheads the development and delivery of projects aligned with community objectives, demonstrating her commitment to impactful initiatives. As a Project Leader of a project called “Together for Community”, Manich has achieved remarkable milestones, leading successful fundraising and calling for sponsorships initiatives that secured over $10,000 in funding to rebuild a school library and other facilities.

She has also designed and implemented educational programs, reaching 625 primary students to educate them on the importance of higher education. Furthermore, Manich has effectively managed a team of 78 volunteers, ensuring their progress and performance align with project goals. One of Manich’s standout projects was her SHE CAN the Take The Lead Project called “One Drop Forward,” where she facilitated the provision of 10 water filtration systems to Thlauk Andaung Primary School in Siem Reap Province. This initiative has had a profound impact, granting access to safe drinking water for the school community. Moreover, Manich has hosted seminars to promote women’s involvement in the WASH sector, recognizing their crucial role in water and sanitation management. She also focuses on capacity building within local communities, ensuring sustainable WASH facilities and practices. Additionally, Manich was selected as a project associate at WaterAid; she has helped produce and distribute educational videos to raise awareness about the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Driven by a deep passion for international laws, politics, and international relations, Manich envisions a world where more women can play a significant role in decision-making processes. Her vision goes beyond mere aspiration; through her initiatives, it reflects a steadfast commitment to promoting equality, empowerment, and progress in improving community well-being. Manich is dedicated to empowering women by advocating for their inclusion in leadership positions, dismantling barriers to their advancement, and paving the way for their success. Education stands as a powerful tool for Manich, capable of changing lives and uplifting entire communities.

Manich Sreng

Academic Major

Class of 2028

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