Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Louise Bloji

SHE-CAN Scholar: Louise Bloji

Louise Bloji is an incoming First Year student at Lafayette College. Louise grew up in Liberia and was born to unwed and underaged parents who were kicked out of their homes due to their indiscretion. She grew up with inadequate shelter and infrequent meals. Her parents did allow her to address them as “mom” or “dad” due to their embarrassment and the social ostracism they faced. However, Louise knew from a very young age that she wanted more out of life and strongly believed that acquiring all the necessary education she could would give her the opportunity to achieve it.

Despite frequently being asked to leave school because her family could not pay the tuition, she remained focused and determined, ultimately graduating as the president and valedictorian of her class. In her country today, only approximately 20% of women are given the opportunity to work in areas involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) because their male-dominated society considers women to be lesser beings. Women only gained the right to vote after WWII, and while civil law now protects some rights for women regarding child custody and inheritance, customary law in the countryside is still quite different. Louise has a strong passion for helping more women enter the STEM field. She created an organization called Give Her STEM to help nurture and provide young women with a platform to dream big.

In Liberia, there’s a belief that only boys are good at math and science. This belief has deterred many girls who have a passion for STEM, making them feel like they’re not good enough. The few who strive to survive in the field often face discrimination solely because they are women. Louise has always been concerned about changing this belief, which is one of the reasons she created Give Her STEM. Her organization gives young women the assurance that they can be more than what their counterparts or society perceives them to be. The organization has helped motivate attendees by sharing stories from other young Liberian women in these areas and how they overcame challenges.

Louise has volunteered for organizations that share similar goals. After successfully completing an intensive three-month Microsoft Office suite training, she worked as the general secretary for Girls in Tech Liberia, which helped her improve her communication and typing skills. Similarly, she volunteered for Ambitious Africa Liberia, where she served as the head of community.

Louise intends to be an agent of change in her country, which is why she wants to obtain a degree in Software Engineering. Her heartfelt desire is to be an agent of change not only in Liberia but across Africa for every young woman who has been made to feel unworthy and not good enough. She aims to create a space where young females can be taught and mentored on how to overcome challenges in the STEM field and understand their importance as females in STEM. Louise wants them to know that they can also become web designers, software engineers, hackers, and much more. This a passion she intends to pursue for the rest of her life.


Academic Major

Class of 2028

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