Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Jennifer Maxwell

SHE-CAN Scholar: Jennifer Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell is a senior at Muhlenberg College, where she studies Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. She hopes to assist in the creation of new jobs in Liberia and the reduction of the unemployment rate, which she views as a significant barrier to her country’s progress. Jenny’s family, originally from Monrovia, escaped Liberia during the civil war and settled in Sierra Leone for some time. Jenny was adopted at the age of eleven, and after her adoptive parents passed, Jenny’s siblings took responsibility for her upbringing. She is appreciative of the support and unconditional love they have bestowed upon her, as well as the way in which they have inspired her to continue to strive and endure.

Jenny has a strong interest in women’s health and reading, particularly poetry. She believes that writing poetry is a form of therapy that is free of charge. She was declared a winner of the Liberian Counties Meet Peace Poetry Competition in 2018. Jenny’s passion for women’s health in her native country prompted her to establish an organization called RED, an acronym for Real Education for Dignity, which empowers girls through awareness of menstruation, menstrual hygiene, and the production of reusable menstrual pads so that they do not miss school because they lack access to feminine hygiene products.

Jenny serves as Acting President of The Youth Advisory Panel for the Jewel Starfish Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships and mentorship to Liberian girls. She empowers youths with leadership and engages with the foundation’s board to set long-term goals and policies for scholarship recipients. Jenny also serves as a Planning Coordinator for Smiling Faces International and remotely aids the Liberian Poet Society with designing programs and executing policies.

Jennifer Maxwell SHE-CAN scholar Muhlenberg College

Academic Major

Business Administration
Class of 2024

Mentor Team

Britte Bennett, Director of Strategic Customer Development, Torani
Naina Bhadra, Corporate Counsel, Lyft
Carol Chang, Chief Financial Officer, Family Office, SHE-CAN
Adolpha Cole, Founder, Candidly Speaking
Elyse Imamura, Director of National Accounts & Corporate Sales, Michael Skurnik Wines​
Adam McLean, Director, Social Enterprise, Relationship Coffee Institute
Corrine Russell, Owner/CA Licensed Esthetician, Skincare by Corrinne