Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Ines Simbi

SHE-CAN Scholar: Ines Simbi

Ines Simbi graduated from Bennington College with a degree in Computer Science & Political Science. After graduation, she worked for Avenir as an Associate Product Manager. Ines now works as a Technical Support Engineer at Mezmo.

Ines held summer internships at prestigious companies like Boeing, HP, and 1RIC while she attended Bennington. In 2018, Ines interned at AnnieCannons, a non-profit that helps women who are survivors of human trafficking by training them in coding and other in-demand technology skills. There, she was a project manager for app development and her experience helped her realize that she would like to use her computer science skills to advocate for women who are not represented or whose voices are not heard. Ines worked as an orientation leader for incoming students at Bennington. She previously interned with the WorldWideWomen where she compiled and sorted organization data and designed and created web pages.​

Before she joined SHE-CAN, Ines graduated from Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology in Rwanda. At Gashora, she worked with peers to create a school library app. She worked in a small team, conducting research on stakeholders and developed code for the program. Additionally, she volunteered as an English tutor, led the Home Economics Club, and developed and executed a project to raise money for health insurance for sick children at her church. She intends to return to Rwanda and create her own software company to develop mobile phone applications that will help reduce unemployment in Rwanda.

Ines Simbi SHE-CAN scholar

Academic Major

Computer Science and Political Science
Class of 2020

Mentor Team

Sara Cassidy, SVP of Experience, United Healthcare
Jennifer Childers, Manager, Apple Support YouTube channel, Apple
Katrina Dickson, Software Operations, Apple
Brigit (Lamberson) Powers, Head of Design , ONI
Mary Ellen Muckerman, Senior Consultant, Pinnacle Performance Group