Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Emily A. Siassay

SHE-CAN Scholar: Emily A. Siassay

Emily A. Siassay is a second-year student at Muhlenberg College studying International Studies & Sociology. She is the seventh of her father’s eleven children and has lived under her mother’s support. Emily was born in Harper City in Maryland County, one of Liberia’s smallest counties. Coming from a family where boys are favored over girls, Emily had to drop out of school for a year as her family could not afford her school fees. Instead of giving up, Emily persevered and was able to catch up with her peers. This experience only made her commitment to education stronger. 

In high school, Emily was the captain of the Intellectual Debate Club, which she credits with giving her the ability to move beyond fear to express her views on any issue. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and currently serves as the Executive Director of Girls Initiative Liberia (GIL), an organization that seeks to improve the lives of women and break the barriers that affect them. Emily leads GIL and her team to educate women about menstruation through workshops and help children improve their reading skills through seminars. 

Emily plans to return to Liberia and work as a lawyer. She intends to advocate and protect the rights of all people, especially women and low-income people. With high levels of corruption, Emily believes that the judicial system needs qualified change-makers. Emily hopes to help create a just system that will give justice to all and protect the most vulnerable in court hearings despite their circumstances.

SHE-CAN scholar Emily Siassay Muhlenberg College

Academic Major

International Studies & Sociology
Class of 2026

Mentor Team

Justin Read, Manager of Supply Chain Analytics, Pottery Barn
Ruth Etcheverria, Private Educator
Jenny Lin, Head of M&A Legal, Atlassian
Angelina Fadool, Head of SEO and Performance Content, Atlassian
Alicia Mohammed, HR Director, Tableau