Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Denyse Niwenshuti

SHE-CAN Scholar: Denyse Niwenshuti

Denyse Niwenshuti graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Business. After interning twice with Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Offices in New York City, Denyse accepted a full time position as a Systems Analyst in 2016, where she has worked since. She has most recently been promoted to a Manager at EY.

During her time on campus, Denyse was a UN Youth Representative for the Darfur Rehabilitation Program, as well as a Lehigh University Diplomat at the Admissions Office. Denyse was also awarded Lehigh University’s Botstiber Merit Scholarship for being an outstanding science student.

She attended the Lycée Notre Dame De Cîteaux in Rwanda.

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Denyse Niwenshuti SHE-CAN scholar

Academic Major

Industrial and Systems Engineering
Class of 2016

Mentor Team

Brie Linkenhoker, Founder, Worldview Studio