Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Clarissa Paiz

SHE-CAN Scholar: Clarissa Paiz

Clarissa Paiz is an incoming First Year student attending Denison University. Clarissa grew up with her mother, grandparents, and older sister in Guatemala City. Her mother was a business owner of a small school bus service to support her daughters. After her sister returned from college, Clarissa began working to support her family financially, while her mother took care of grandparents. In 2019, Clarissa was awarded a full scholarship to study at one of the most prestigious high schools, the American School of Guatemala.

Clarissa loves sustainability, and during high school, she was a member of a campaign raising awareness about fast fashion and promoting Guatemalan designers. She participated in a runway show as a model, wearing different designs to help brand owners gain recognition for their work. Clarissa also joined a club called Destination Imagination, where the largest project she worked on involved creating a sustainable, self-sufficient garden for a children’s hospital. In 2020 and 2021, Clarissa participated in both global and Latin American competitions, winning with a project that raised awareness about nutrition during children’s growth years. During high school, Clarissa also joined CADENA where she developed plans to implement new ways to promote literacy in small rural areas.

Growing up in the city, Clarissa gained a unique perspective on climate change and its importance. She wants to educate communities about preserving the richness of the land by merging ancient techniques from past generations in Guatemala with new methods, including technology. Clarissa also aims to emphasize the importance of land conservation to the big cities.


Academic Major

Environmental Studies
Class of 2028

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