Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Barbara Wankollie

SHE-CAN Scholar: Barbara Wankollie

Barbara Wankollie is a Junior at Bucknell University majoring in International Relations & Women and Gender Studies. Since May 2022 to present, Barbara has served as a Student Assistant at The Center for Alumni and Family Engagement and a Student Intern at Riot Institute for The Research of Black Lives and Culture at Bucknell.

Barbara grew up on the ELWA Compound – a missionary compound in Liberia – with her parents and three sisters. Growing up, Barbara saw girls being marginalized and experienced it firsthand when she took a male-dominated course at a local university. However, she rose above the challenge, earned respect and discovered her voice. Barbara began to speak out and advocate for the rights of women in her society, resulting in having a few friends to start a Girl Up club in her school, where she later became the club president. She was recognized as a “Campus Influence” by The Editorial Cartoon-AMEU for her services that inspired others to challenge themselves, build confidence, and do more in their respective field. 

Barbara was also actively engaged with off-campus organizations. She was a mentor volunteer at Peace Jam Liberia, a member of the YMCA Girls Advocacy Club, a member of the Youth Chapter of the African Women in Leadership Organization, and a member of the Young Women Leadership Program under the Gbowee Peace Foundation. Barbara wants to be a decision maker in her country, because she wants to create good policies that will favor all genders and give women a seat at the high table so their voices are heard and respected. 

Barbara Wankollie

Academic Major

International Relations
Class of 2025

Mentor Team

Kathryn Byrne, Partner, Mazars USA
Stacey Keare, President, Girls Rights Project
Lisa Halstead, Founder and Retired Founder, Akwaaba Styles and Adventures Cross-Country
Karen Libby, VP of IT Communication and Support, Home Franchise Concepts
Fran Maier, CEO, BabyQuip, Inc.
Trisha Stiles, Chief People Officer, Brightcove