Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Barbara Recinos Morales

SHE-CAN Scholar: Barbara Recinos Morales

Barbara Recinos Morales is an incoming First Year student attending Syracuse University. She grew up in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and was raised by her single mother. Barbara’s mother is originally from San Antonio, where the primary source of income comes from coffee harvests. Growing up in these areas, Barbara became aware of the challenges people faced, teaching her to appreciate and protect her country’s social history, culture, and natural resources.

Since she was young, Barbara excelled in school but never really felt challenged by it. In 2018, she applied to the Access Microscholarship Program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, where she learned English and became an internationally certified English teacher. This scholarship was fundamental not only for her academics but also for her personal growth. Barbara was able to secure a job, help her mother financially, and pay for her high school expenses. For the following three years, she continued with this scholarship through the Ixtatán Foundation as an assistant coordinator and teaching assistant. She is currently a member of AJEDE’s board, the Access Alumni Association. Barbara completed her high school education on a merit-based scholarship and was also granted the “Women in Engineering” micro-scholarship from Del Valle University, where she received funding to develop a project providing potable water in rural areas of Huehuetenango.

Barbara’s leadership skills and service learning encourage her to participate in and lead social projects for the development of her community. Alongside a friend, Barbara took over the STEP program, where they conducted English proficiency lessons and executed projects for homeless and elderly people in their community. As part of her SHE-CAN Take the Lead project, Barbara founded Girls Talking, a program where she taught 45 teenage girls about sex education, women’s rights, and financial literacy to prevent teen pregnancy in Huehuetenango.

In 2022, Barbara led the project Youth Leadership for the Prevention of Violence Against Women, Children, and People in Vulnerable Conditions, which was executed by the Ministry of Social Services in Guatemala. She and her team developed over 100 educational workshops and social projects. Barbara also volunteers as a medical interpreter for the Department of Defense, Command Surgeon Cell, and as a media producer and photographer for the Ixcanul Foundation, which seeks social awareness through art and cinema in Guatemala.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Barbara plans to return to Guatemala and develop her community through social advocacy and science. Her mother’s vivid example of persistence and support for her family and community inspires her to work toward a more just and equal society for children and women.


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