Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Azucely Bixcul

SHE-CAN Scholar: Azucely Bixcul

Azucely Bixcul is an incoming First Year student attending the University of Minnesota. She grew up in Sololá, a town near Lake Atitlan, and is from an Indigenous community. Raised in a family of four sisters and one brother, Azucely’s mother is a food seller in the local market, and her father is a bus driver.

In 2018, Azucely won a scholarship to MAIA Impact School, an organization led by Indigenous women aiming to empower young Indigenous women. MAIA was a transformative experience for her, fostering leadership skills and inspiring her to effect significant changes in her community.

During her time at MAIA, she spearheaded initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for women and enhancing their participation in society. Azucely served as a co-moderator on Tzijonems, a platform where women from MAIA could voice their ideas about their reality, as perceived through the lens of Indigenous women. In 2021, she collaborated with her classmates on Remarkable, a project created during the pandemic to amplify youth voices. Additionally, in 2023, she led a project focused on women’s empowerment, conducting workshops on various topics such as leadership, self-esteem, and menstrual hygiene for mothers in her community. Seeking to broaden her perspectives and contribute further to her community, Azucely joined the Military Reserve in 2023, where she acquired skills in first aid, humanitarian aid, and community outreach.

Azucely aspires to develop projects that promote women’s participation in political spaces on equal footing. Her goal is to transform the reality of women’s political engagement, particularly for Indigenous women, and ensure their voices are heard in Guatemala.


Academic Major

Political Science
Class of 2028

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