Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Antoinette Weah

SHE-CAN Scholar: Antoinette Weah

Antoinette N. Weah will be attending Gettysburg College in the fall of 2023. She grew up in Buchanan City in Grand Bassa County with her mom and siblings while her dad traveled for work. After graduating high school, Antoinette enrolled into the African Methodist Episcopal University, where she started her university education. Throughout her primary school years and first year of high school, Antoinette frequently held the position of class president. From eighth to tenth grade, she was elected vice president of the class. At her church, she started a junior choir and held the presidency for a year. During her final year of high school, Antoinette was the school’s girls prefect. She also served as the captain of the debate team; a member of her class and school quizzing teams, a leader in the school’s choir, member of the press and environmental clubs, and the CEO of OC CREAM an ice cream business she started to empower herself and other youth and females in her community.

The improvement of Liberia’s economic and health sectors is Antoinette’s life’s work. She is confident that with enough expertise, resources, and finances, she can establish a network of pharmacies all over Liberia and build hospitals with top-notch equipment and qualified staff. Through her business acumen, inventiveness, and investments, she is confident that she will improve the lives, standard of living, and economical status of her people. She currently uses some of the revenues from her company -which she believes is just a litmus test of her entrepreneurial skills- to pay for the medical surgery and/or treatment of children with specific medical requirements at least once every year.

Antoinette asserts that she is aware of her ability to effect change, and that she will continue to do so, even if it only entails small steps, until she fully unleashes everything that is embedded within her to transform Liberia and the world.

Antoinette Weah SHE-CAN scholar Gettysburg College

Academic Major

Class of 2027

Mentor Team

Jill Dixon
Katherine Eisenreich, Attorney, Department of Justice
Wendy Sergeant-Clarke, Director of Retirement Investments, Intel
Cathy Baker
Ali Whitehurst, Executive Programs Manager, Salesforce