Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Angela Chacon Aguilar

SHE-CAN Scholar: Angela Chacon Aguilar

Angela Chacon Aguilar is an incoming First Year student at Beloit College. She grew up in a small village, Parramos, situated between the departments of Chimaltenango and Antigua Guatemala. Raised by her mother, a teacher at a local school, and her father, an accountant, Angela has three sisters, all of whom are pursuing their education.

Angela has a fervent love for learning, constantly seeking new experiences, engaging in reading, and undertaking activities that challenge her intellect. Throughout her high school years, she excelled academically and proudly represented Colegio San Bernabe in numerous national Olympiads.

Notably, she participated in the Guatemalan National Science Olympiad, securing third place in the mathematics category and fifth place in biology. Outside of academics, Angela is deeply committed to environmental causes, actively volunteering in reforestation projects within her community.

A firm believer in dance as a means of expression, Angela co-founded a dance group for girls and women in her town, providing a platform for free expression and creativity. Additionally, she is passionate about sports, having captained a women’s national team to a third-place finish nationally.

Angela’s dedication to environmental education led her to establish Eco Children, a project in collaboration with the non-governmental organization CEDIG. Through this initiative, she aims to instill environmental consciousness in young students, fostering a sense of responsibility towards nature from an early age.

Driven by her desire for Guatemala and its Mayan communities to thrive harmoniously with their natural surroundings, Angela envisions a future of reciprocity between fauna, flora, and the Guatemalan people. She eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of organizations like SHE-CAN in Guatemala and is committed to shaping a brighter future for her community.


Academic Major

Class of 2028

Mentor Team

Sandra Stumbaugh, Principal, Stumbaugh Consulting
Michelle Buckles, Associate Director, Investor Relations; US Marketing Representative, New Forests
Erin Constantine, Executive Vice President and Head of Consumer Deposit Products, Wells Fargo
Sibel Deviren, Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF