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Sheilla Attends LeaderShape Program

Sheilla Attends LeaderShape Program


Following my sophomore year, I received an amazing opportunity to attend the LeaderShape summer program. I learned leadership skills and how to create relationships and interact with faculty members. The weeklong Lehigh program introduced me to other like-minded Lehigh students. Each day had its own theme where we learned and discussed various leadership topics and created skits to reflect the theme. 

Team building exercises were abundant at LeaderShape. Activities called ‘Balloon Castles’ and ‘Chaos and Change’ were intended to help us develop our communication teamwork skills. These were complimented with outdoor activities, such as a rope course challenge that built confidence and trust.

One lesson that stood out to me was the “Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be” theme that ran throughout the program. This theme challenged me to view situations from as many different angles as possible. It taught me that we sometimes get caught in the daily routine of solving problems and forget to bring a new perspective to the issue we are facing.

I am so thankful to have taken part in this amazing program.  Moving forward, I know that I will be an even stronger person and leader in my community!