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Sharon Soars at Summer Internship with Koutable

Sharon Soars at Summer Internship with Koutable


Summer 2015 has been a fantastic time for my career growth in between my semesters at Bennington College. I’m currently working with Kountable, a company that was introduced to me by Open A Door Foundation. Kountable is an IT company focusing on financing Rwandan entrepreneurs with tenders. My role in Kountable has been specifically focusing on assessing the impact of social capital and identifying the challenges faced by the clients in the growth of their businesses.

As an individual who is studying political economy and conflict resolution, working with Kountable has broadened my career development; it has expanded my skills in the financial and innovation area. Through Kountable I have been able to acknowledge the economic growth that is currently booming in Rwanda and the significance of investing in entrepreneurs.

The integration of my academic plan and summer internship is providing me with a rich understanding, and helps me identify the interconnectedness that exists among disciplines and working experiences. I’m looking forward to learning more during the next month and a half of my internship.