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Nicole Reflects on Her Love for Rwanda and Appreciation for New Experiences

Nicole Reflects on Her Love for Rwanda and Appreciation for New Experiences


I didn’t know how much I loved my Rwanda until it was time to leave. I am in a far distant place, but I hold Rwanda close to my heart. From the beginning of my applications to colleges in the U.S., I knew that after getting the knowledge and the degree I wanted, it will all be about developing myself and my lovely country. However, that desire was not that strong until I came to know how I love my country. That was the day I departed from Rwanda to come to the U.S. I learned a new thing about myself, and I am glad I did.

The journey to the U.S. was a bit frustrating because everything was new to me, but it was enjoyable because I was experiencing new things and new places, and I was learning. Though I was sad to go miles away from my home, I am glad for the value of the opportunity I have. I am still excited about being in the U.S. for a great cause. I realize I learnt a lot of things since the beginning of my journey. The most important of them is to keep on keeping on, to keep my head up and to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have been challenged since my first time in the U.S. through technology, language, studying skills, and the list goes on.

I chose to regard these challenges as stepping stones to my destiny, and not stumbling stones. They are indeed important because when I face those challenges, I learn new valuable lessons. Here I am, still willing to learn more. I have a great desire to learn to know, to learn to do, and to learn to be. I believe I will be a blessing to my community sometime to come. My daily aim is to focus on my motivations. I feel ready to walk the long journey and I can’t wait.