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Get to Know Joyous!

Get to Know Joyous!

My journey to becoming a SHE CAN scholar is full of hurdles and it’s unique in a way that is worthy of sharing. When I heard of SHE-CAN coming to Liberia in 2018, I grew curious and read about the excellent work they are doing, and it got me fascinated about being a SHE CAN scholar- the sisterhood that is established, the mentorship and training they provide- so it was this time that it all started. The application process was tedious, so much so that I felt like “this ain’t my thing.”

Then again I reflected on the bond that I could build, the exposure, and my desire to impact humanity, so I gave it a try. Fast forward, I applied twice, and unfortunately, I was not accepted. Heartbreaking, huh? I was so frustrated to the extent I felt like losing it, and at the same time, the application process became more intense and they kept reducing the age range.. In 2020, I  decided to apply again and this was it. At this moment, I  realized that in the past two years of interviews I wasn’t confident and  I was consumed by fear. But retrospecting on the past applications,  I reminded myself of the need to be confident and sincere in the process to unleash my potential. My journey as a SHE-CAN scholar so far has been a colorful one.

Moreover, I am grateful  to have met with so many influential young women who are vision-driven and change cautious,  supportive mentors who make you feel like you are prepared and that you are the driver of the change you envision, and the biggest of all the ever supportive staff who have all the time in the world dedicated to their scholars. My path here has shaped and refined the way I am, designed the vision I have, and has given me hope that I can achieve extraordinary things by reaching the zenith of my career. Besides, I am privileged to be the first SHE CAN scholar at Loyola University Chicago-a private Jesuit university that is focused on caring for the community- and the next four years here will be for me to discover myself, learn and unlearn, make lots of mistakes, and take  life-long lessons back home. Furthermore, it is a life-changing opportunity to be a SHE-CAN scholar at this outstanding institution, and to connect and diversify with other incredible minds of this golden generation.  

If there’s one thing I would like you to know is that I have a superpower, and that is tenacity.  I believe that everyone has a superpower. All you just need to do is to find what it is, and the moment you discover yourself,  you will unleash it to make an impact. I believed I could, and because there are people who dedicated themselves to helping others find and define their purpose, I did. If I did, you could do the same or even better. Be confident, be inspired, be cautious-minded, be unstoppable by your daily situation, the environment, and the people you are fortunate to embrace, and be the change you want to see. Lastly, be an epitome of inspiration to your peers!