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From a Learner…

From a Learner…


Leadership Training has given me the opportunity to learn about leadership and women leaders around the world. Through discussions and sharing sessions, I was able to make reflections on what kind of leader I want to be and how I can plan steps to reach my goals.

One thing that stood out the most to me was the sharing session about “Inspirational Women” where each scholar talk about one woman that they admire for her leadership accomplishments. We would give out her background such as her education as well as her achievements. It was like a mini history lecture about amazing women leaders around the globe as we cover women not only from America, but also from Kenya, Rwanda, and Cambodia. One interesting fact that caught my attention was that most of the women, if not all, that were mentioned all received education in American Universities. Therefore, it gave me hope that we can also be like them and make great changes to our countries.   

Aside from the discussion and reflective sessions, Leadership Training was all about bonding. I got the chance to spend time and grew closer to my She-Can sisters from Rwanda. I was able to feel the sense of being part of the She-Can family with all the scholars and staff.

​ The second day of the Leadership Training was a snowy day, and all the scholars, including me, were very excited at the sight of the snow fall. We were so excited that as soon as we were told to take a break, we started throwing ourselves into the snow and played snowball fight! It was an intense battle as each of us were determined to hit each other in the face with the snow in our hands. The result ended up with everyone having a great time and growing closer together.