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My Unforgettable Trip to Revolution 2.0 in the Bay Area

My Unforgettable Trip to Revolution 2.0 in the Bay Area

Channatha “Moon” Sum is currently attending Beloit College, class of 2024.

Come with me to the heart of the Bay Area, where between the 3rd and 5th of November, I found myself on a transformative journey at SHE-CAN Revolution 2.0. It was a gala—an evening of elegance, empowerment, and enchantment. Picture this remarkable event as a cornerstone in my life, offering a chance to step onto the stage, reunite with mentors, explore the vibrant city, and forge connections with SHE-CAN scholars from across the globe.

Taking the Stage: Empowering Women’s Voices

Being on that gala stage at Revolution 2.0 wasn’t just an event; it was an incredible honor. Imagine the pulsating energy of the gala hall, a sacred space where I stood, humbled and grateful, sharing my story. The air buzzed with tales of resilience, triumph, and the beautiful symphony of mutual support. Revolution 2.0 became more than a gathering; it unfolded as a living testament to the formidable strength that emerges when women unite and celebrate their voices.

Reunion with Mentors: Cathy Batteer & Andrea Leeb

Now, let’s pivot to a gala that went beyond the confines of a typical conference. This event was a homecoming with mentors who shaped my journey—Cathy Batteer and Andrea Leeb. I stayed in Cathy’s charming neighborhood, where our time together unfolded in explorations and mesmerizing musical performances at a downtown cinema. We had such an amazing time together. 

Moreover, Andrea was always around. We had such a fun time shopping, and walking around the city and she ensured that I got everything I needed before the event started. She is a sweetie and a saver. And, oh, there was magic on the dance floor—I danced with Andrea, a moment of joy and connection that added an extra layer to our bond.

These shared experiences didn’t just deepen our mentorship; they transformed mentors into lifelong friends.

Global Connections: SHE-CAN Scholars Unite

Revolution 2.0 wasn’t just about me; it was about connections that spanned the globe. Envision a network of empowered women from diverse corners of the world. Beyond the enriching talks and workshops, the event allowed me to meet my Cambodian sisters, adding a personal touch to our global sisterhood. Imagine bonds forged over shared experiences, great food, and collaborative learning sessions—a sense of unity that transcended geographical boundaries.

As I wrap up this tale of the Revolution 2.0 Gala by SHE-CAN, I know that it wasn’t a mere conference—it was an immersive experience. The empowering moments on the gala stage, heartwarming reunions with mentors, and the global connections formed have become threads woven into the fabric of my journey. Picture me leaving the Bay Area, not just with newfound knowledge and inspiration, but with a strengthened belief in the power of women supporting and uplifting each other. Revolution 2.0 was more than a phenomenon; it was a celebration of resilience, unity, and the unstoppable force of women changing the world—a gala in my life that will continue to inspire and motivate me in the years to come. Join me in reliving these gala moments, and let the spirit of Revolution 2.0 inspire your transformative journey.