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Christiane’s Freshman Journey

Christiane’s Freshman Journey

The few months before coming to the US were full of excitements, but I was nervous too. I had never been very far from home before. I could often ask myself if education abroad is worthy leaving my parents, siblings, and friends.

However, having my mentors by my side made things better. We could talk on skype calls, and they were already part of my life even before meeting me in person. It is a group of five supporting and inspiring women who are always there whenever I need them.

Our first time meeting at the airport was magic. Warm welcoming hugs, smiles, and genuine love cheered me up and I was convinced that I am in good hands. I stopped worrying about how my life in the US was going to be.


With my mentors, from the left: Kelley, Annie, me and Lauren.

PictureI love the ocean

I spent two weeks before college in my mentors’ homes in San Francisco. Those days were full of amazing experiences. I visited different Tech companies in the Bay Area: Carta, Salesforce, Airbnb, and CISCO. I have learned a lot about Tech companies and I met my mentors’ co-workers who also did computer science in college. By talking to those people, one of which was a woman, I was empowered to continue my interest in the technology field.

 I also had a lot of fun, tried various food from different restaurants, stepped in the Pacific ocean for the first time, attended a yoga class, went to the farmers market and best of all, I got to meet my mentors’ adorable baby who was born two days after my arrival.

​After two weeks in San Francisco, Kelley flew me to school. Having her at school for two days helped me to settle. We shopped together for everything I needed for my room and she organized the room with me. I can’t imagine how rough it could have been without her.

Proud to be the second Rwandan Scholar at Beloit College.

​First days are hard, getting used to everything, food, new people, and campus buildings, but I was lucky to have fellow SHE-CAN sisters who go to Beloit College and they helped me navigate my new days on campus. 

​I also got a small group of freshmen friends whom we spent a lot of time together adjusting to our new life. 


My SHE-CAN Beloit sisters! Left: Gaju, Chamnan, Guech and me.


Left: Stella (Ghana), me, Hannah (Texas & Korea), Vy (Vietnam), and Chamnan (Cambodia).

PictureMe, Stella and Chamnan in Madison, Wisconsin.

I love Beloit for many reasons, but most importantly class size.  Beloit’s small classes allow students to build a good relationship with professors, and it makes the learning process enjoyable. I don’t feel nervous to ask a question in class whenever I don’t understand something, but I would be intimidated to ask if the class was of 300 students.

​I get additional support from Teachers’ Assistants (TA) and professors themselves during office hours and fellow classmates. The academic loads can be overwhelming but with the strong support system like this, I am able to manage the work.
 I joined clubs and organizations on campus. I am a member of International students’ club (Iclub), African Caribbean Society and I am also in the Alumni connection team of Beloit International Students Career Services (BISCS). By participating in different activities, I meet new people and have a sense of belonging on campus.

​I am now working for the Beloit Development Office Call center(Phonathon). I am learning a lot professional wise and improve my English because most of the time I am on the phone talking to Beloit Alumni. I love the atmosphere in the office so far, and I believe it will equip me with skills that I will use in my future career too.

My freshmen year is almost over and I am enjoying my experience, and I can’t wait to see more of what college has for me.