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Bonnette Reflects on Revolution 2.0

Bonnette Reflects on Revolution 2.0


Bonnette, a freshman at Whitman, was among the scholars who participated in Revolution 2.0 in October. She wowed the crowd with her thoughtful questions and confidence on stage, particularly when she declared herself the “next Parliamentarian!” Here, she reflects on her experience. You have our vote, Bonnette!

On her favorite part of the event:
First of all everything went so well that it is hard to point out what I enjoyed the most! But, what stood out the most to me was hearing such successful women speak about how we should address women’s development. Also I was so amazed by how people are so generous and understanding. They take OAD’s cause seriously, by donating to support getting more girls from post-traumatic countries get better education.

On some of the fun outside of Revolution 2.0:
Linda and I explored San Francisco during the day, even though it was raining, that didn’t stop us. We went to watch the Giants victory celebration at the city hall, and went to find Halloween costumes. I was pirate! We ended the day with an amazing dinner at Nicole’s mentor’s home with other wonderful people. My favorite thing at the dinner was dessert! I really enjoyed the cupcakes and cookies.

On her overall experience:
I was so glad that I was asked to participate! I realized that if I was being asked to be part of such an important event and be on stage then OAD must see some potential in me that I didn’t see earlier. And I would gladly do it again!