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April in Rwanda

April in Rwanda

Barb and Ann are having an amazing trip. Its been a total whirlwind of meetings with government officials, dinners with the OAD girls, and interviews with the new candidates. They have also seen the gorillas, visited two potential schools for the SAT class, and Jackie’s orphanage. Every day has been packed and totally successful.

One highlight of the trip was that Barb and Ann met with the Minister of Gender, The Honorable Aloisea Inyumba, who is a hero in Rwanda. She was one of Kagame’s key leaders in organizing and overcoming the genocide. She instantly understood the program and basically said that what “Open a Door” is accomplishing on is on the “National Agenda” and needs the government’s support. She said she will personally introduce Barb and Ann to the Minister of Education.

Barb and Ann have also found a school for Kathleen’s class at our partner organization FAWE’s local Girls Academy. Its in Kigali, has computers, and really pretty grounds. Its perfect!

They have found some very impressive new OAD candidates for next year, and will be interviewing them in their homes next week.

They had dinner with five of the OAD girls: Rina, Claire, Sharon, Denyse and Charlotte. They are so adorable and so excited to come to the US. It’s very interesting to see them after almost a year, they have grown and matured.