Feel The Reverberation

NEWS | January 11, 2023
Rosie Ith at her graduation, supported by two of her
fellow UPortland SHE-CAN sisters

As role models, our SHE-CAN scholars have the potential to inspire millions to achieve their dreams. SHE-CAN graduate & Stanford master’s student, Rosie Ith, won a grant to return to Cambodia this past summer to study cultural norms holding women back. She realized that part of the solution lies within her. She says, “I am already doing the most powerful thing I could have done…I am a role model just like my other SHE-CAN sisters. Together, we are showing Cambodia that women are leaders.”  Watch Rosie tell her story at R2.0 in the video below.

Rosie exemplifying her power on-stage

To grow a pipeline of influential women leaders, we need more scholars like Rosie who become catalysts for others to aim higher and higher. It costs SHE-CAN $125K to support one scholar through our five-year leadership program and graduate from a U.S. college. This December, we need your help to put one more young change-agent on a path to leadership. Please donate today.