Make a Difference by Mentoring a Future Female Global Leader

NEWS | February 23, 2023
Team Kimheat

SHE-CAN is looking for more mentors. We’re happy to share that we have successfully recruited 12 scholar candidates from Guatemala and Cambodia, and our team is currently in Liberia to identify the rest of our newest class. You know what this means: we need more mentor teams. We’re looking for 85-100 mentors to share their wisdom, open their homes, and emotionally support our newest scholars. Each team of 5-6 mentors will help their scholar win a U.S. college scholarship and thrive throughout her five-year SHE-CAN journey and beyond.

The first step to mentoring is attending a Mentor Information Session. In our hour-long information sessions, our staff will explain the program, answer questions, and help you decide if mentoring is a good fit. Register ASAP — teams form on a first come, first served basis.

Who Are SHE-CAN Mentors?

You might think our mentors are all women, but we have many male mentors. In fact we welcome a wide range of genders, ages, professions, and ethnic backgrounds. Teams join together in a variety of ways: as work colleagues, college networks, book groups, school parents, even walking groups. Our mentors are spread out across the U.S., and teams can be geographically dispersed across multiple cities.

Two Ways To Join:

  •  Become a Lead Mentor and build your own team
  •  Join a team of other new mentors

Is Mentoring With SHE-CAN Right For You?

  • Do you want to personally connect with an aspiring leader and help her find her voice and power?
  • Do you have wisdom to share with an aspiring change agent?
  • Do you love the idea of working with a team of successful and passionate people to make amazing things happen?
  • Could your family be enriched by a relationship with a young woman from a post-conflict country?

Financial Commitment

  • Mentors help us remain financially sustainable by contributing $1,000 each year for five years

We hope you will join our newest group of SHE-CAN mentors and become a part of the movement to build global women’s leadership!

Dine DeMarlie, Director of Community Building, can answer questions. Reach out at