Here at SHE-CAN we know there are many people who would like to contribute to our scholar program, but don’t have the time to commit to being a mentor. Through the Power to Fly Corps, you have the opportunity to join our mission through short term projects and unique contributions.

Power To Fly allows everyone to pull women up. The SHE-CAN Power To Fly Volunteer Corps is your opportunity to personally impact our young women leaders through short-term volunteer projects. Most projects are virtual and designed to fit with Power To Fly members’ schedules and leverage their expertise. If you’re excited about using your unique gifts to advance the professional development of an aspiring leader, then Power To Fly is right for you. Members bring a variety of life experiences and skills, but the one thing they all share is a passion for pulling women up and helping them reach their potential.

You Can Make A Personal Impact



Providing 1:1 career coaching


Leading sessions at scholar Leadership Summit and scholar webinars


Helping scholars launch their projects that support their home country


Internships, jobs, and/or college admission opportunities


Helping the organization thrive


Contributing in your own unique way


SHE-CAN scholar Deborah Gonkpah wanted to build a latrine to protect her Liberian community from the hazards of public defecation.

A Power to Fly Volunteer helped her strategize how to scope the project, fundraise, and secure materials. Today her community has a new latrine!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Scholar Projects

  • Essay Coaches
    • Work directly with the SHE-CAN scholars’ Essay Mentors on both the main Common Application essay and college-specific supplemental essays.
    • SHE-CAN looks for volunteers with excellent writing/editing skills and professional experience in writing, college application support, or communications.
    • Experience working with international students is a plus.
  • Take The Lead Project guide to scholars
    • Serve as a “Project Guide” to our newest SHE-CAN candidates who are about to do a Take The Lead Community service project in their home countries between February and May. Each candidate is matched with a Power to Fly volunteer.
  • Make A Change Project guide to scholars
    • Make A Change recipients can apply for funding to create and deliver a community impact project in their home country. This would take several hours per month during the planning stage before they return to their country to implement, with time for check-ins during the project.
  • Provide a workshop on your field of work – we’re open to any field but are especially looking for people in:
    • Business Development and Entrepreneurship
    • Law and Social Justice
    • Community Health
    • Water Access and Sanitation in Rural Communities
    • Technology
    • Social Impact Investing
    • International Development

SHE-CAN Projects

  • Help us develop and elevate our Public Relations strategy
  • Advise SHE-CAN on DEI strategy and implementation
  • Assist with grant research and grant writing
  • Provide feedback on our Google Ads strategy
  • Identify companies willing to donate gently used laptops or phones to SHE-CAN scholars

“Working with Peipei through the Power To Fly program was the ideal way to meaningfully engage with a great young leader and make a real connection. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.”

– Sarah Gough, Programs Team Consultant at ICA Fund

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