The SHE-CAN Employer Consortium is a group of in-country companies interested in hiring SHE-CAN scholars. Consortium members must be located or doing business in Cambodia, Guatemala, Liberia, and/or Rwanda. Scholars are available for entry-level positions or summer internships depending on their graduation date.

SHE-CAN scholars are incredible assets to their employers. Scholars are educated at top U.S. colleges, and the majority of them are Dean’s List students. They participate in exclusive leadership trainings and intern with top companies. When they return home, they are among the most educated women in their countries, and they are ready to positively impact their workplace.

“At Ethos we believe sustainability is about learning from and working with the next generation. Chelsea from SHE-CAN was an excellent fit for our internship program, and SHE-CAN provides an opportunity to embed impact into your organization by simply working with their scholars.”

Saurin Nanavati, Founder, Ethos Agriculture

Joining the Consortium offers fantastic benefits to employers:

  • Early access to SHE-CAN scholars looking for positions. SHE-CAN scholars are in high demand, and you’ll be the first to know when they’re looking for work. 
  • Administrative support in candidate communications. If needed, SHE-CAN will assist in scheduling interviews or meetings, resolving visa issues, or obtaining college credit for internships.
  • Supporting women leaders. The world is waking up to the power of women leaders and the advantages of including women in decision-making. By joining the Consortium, employers become a part of this global movement. 

SHE-CAN Employer Consortium Members

SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Great Lakes Energy
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Kasha
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Ethos Agriculture
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Ampersand
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - WorldBridge
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Kountable
SHE-CAN | Employer Consortium Member - Sustainable Harvest Relationship Coffee

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