Mentoring is a rewarding, hands-on way to support the next generation of women leaders. Our five person mentor teams help their scholar win a college scholarship, love and guide her throughout her four years in the U.S., and provide her with valuable career connections. Mentors build lifelong bonds with their scholar and enrich their family by including a global citizen in their life.

Step 1: Lead or Join a Team

  • Assemble a team comprised of 5 friends, family, and colleagues
  • Join a team being organized by a friend, family member, or colleague
  • Be matched with a team by the SHE-CAN Staff

Step 2: Teams Help Scholars Apply for Scholarship 

  • ​Each team is carefully matched with a scholar
  • Team helps scholar apply Early Decision to a SHE-CAN Coalition School
  • Each mentor plays a key role, making it a team effort
  • SHE-CAN provides extensive workshops and guidance for each role
  • Time commitment is about 4 hours per week during this phase (primarily via email, Skype & WhatsApp)

Step 3: Teams Help Scholars Transition to the U.S.

Upon acceptance to a U.S. college, mentors become critical to helping scholars acclimate to life in the U.S. and successfully manage their college careers.

  • Team becomes scholar’s extended U.S. family by helping her settle in school, hosting her for holidays, and navigating challenges
  • SHE-CAN funds dorm supplies, flights, technology, winter clothes and more
  • SHE-CAN organizes events, hosts leadership training for scholars, and provides ongoing guidance for mentors
  • Team determines time commitment based on needs of scholar

​Step 4: Teams Support Scholars in Launching Their Careers

Mentors open up their extended networks to ensure their mentee has connections, internships, and job opportunities. With SHE-CAN, the relationships can last a lifetime as mentors help aspiring leaders find their voice and power. 

​”Mentoring Patricie, Vuochnear, Tarlee, & Janeth and having them in my life has allowed me to be a part of our world in a unique and very meaningful way.”

– Kristin Nicholson, First Republic Bank

Learn More: Sign up for a Mentor Information Session

This is the first step to mentoring through SHE-CAN. We are currently recruiting 60-70 new mentors between January and May.

Mentor Commitment:
  • Work with a team of 5 mentors matched with an outstanding scholar for 5 years.
  • Contribute $1,000 a year for the five years.
Mentor Contribution Grant:

Limited grants are available for underrepresented mentors. Sign up for a mentor information session to find out more.

Interested In Becoming A Mentor?

If you have additional questions, please contact Dine DeMarlie, Director of Community Building, at​