Devastated by a 14 year civil war that took over 200,000 lives, Liberia remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with 83.3% of Liberians living below the poverty line. In 2014, the rise of the Ebola epidemic put strain on an already weak healthcare system and a struggling economy, and decimated the education system. To make matters even worse, corruption is endemic at all levels of the Liberian government: Liberia is the 11th most corrupt country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Liberia?

Liberia has Strong Female Role Models

Despite all of the current challenges, Liberia is unique. It is a full democracy with women at the forefront of creating change at all levels. Liberian women have been an instrumental part of changing the peace process and rebuilding efforts since the civil war. There is a large community of female leaders—including the first democratically elected female head of state in Africa and two Nobel Peace Prize Winners–paving the way for other young women to step in and create change.

SHE-CAN is among the First Bridging the Higher Education Gap

Right now, there are almost no other organizations working in Liberia to help students attain quality higher-level education. And, despite the devastated education system, it is clear that there are bright, eager, and hard-working Liberian students who have defied all odds and are looking for paths to become educated. While the pathways to becoming an empowered female leader exist in Liberia, women need help getting to that first rung on the ladder.

Our Scholars are the Hope for Liberia

SHE-CAN believes that by providing a pathway to higher education, we are supporting the next generation of female Liberian leaders who will rise to the challenge of helping their country recover from a violent past. Like the women before them, they will change the course of history, creating a nation that empowers and supports all of its citizens.

Meet our first 4 Liberian scholars!

Featuring CeCe Kwenah (left), Jennifer Maxwell, Tarlee Dahn and Shennel Henries (right). In the video below they explain their ambitions to former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf!