The Marquis de Lafayette, Lafayette’s namesake, was 19 years old when he crossed an ocean to join the cause of an independent America.

He faced a journey that would have him navigate a new world, forge lasting connections, alter history, and redefine the course of his life. Students at Lafayette are on a similar voyage. Like the Marquis de Lafayette, students have choices to make that rely on practical thinking, tactical maneuvers, and sheer brilliance.

Cur Non, the motto for the Marquis de Lafayette, is the rally cry at Lafayette College. Cur Non means Why Not. Why not have the courage to take risks? Why not engage in every aspect of learning? Why not use your intellect, energy and talent to find your place in the world? Cur Non means anything is possible at Lafayette. Lafayette is a top liberal arts and engineering college, dedicated to undergraduates who want hands-on experience to address real-world issues across interdisciplinary teams. If you want to learn skill sets, ask why. If you want to develop a mindset, ask why not.

Lafayette is passionate about the work of SHE-CAN because global perspectives create global thinkers of us all. As a result of this approach, 16 percent of incoming classes are international students and nearly 65 percent of Lafayette’s students study abroad before they graduate. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive campus that, through clear communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative atmosphere, draws upon a wide variety of views and is supportive of each member of its faculty, students, and staff.