SHE-CAN is creating systematic global change through building female leadership in post-conflict nations.

As SHE-CAN continues to grow, cohorts of empowered women will spur collective action. As our graduates move into positions of power, they inspire other women to rise up. And in turn, they can pull other women up, who can then pull even more women up, who can then pull even more women up. The sheer force of a growing population of empowered, educated and connected women working together to protect and pull up women can change the world. SHE-CAN is proud to be an instrumental capacity builder ushering in systemic change for generations to come.

Meet Three of Our Graduates

SHE-CAN's Impact on the World Influenced

In 2021, we celebrated 10 years of SHE-CAN! To celebrate this milestone, check-out our retrospective video.

Annual Report

Inside our 2021 Annual Report you will find information about

our programs, our organization, and where we’re headed next. Enjoy!

SHE-CAN | Annual Report 2021